Movie Buffs Will Have A Blast With This Movie Stills Collection

As an avid movie buff, I love to reminisce about all of the fantastic (and fantastically horrible) movies I've watched over the years.  Sometimes, it only takes an image to bring back good memories, and that's what this site is all about.  This is one of the better collections of movie stills I've seen in some time.

Almost all of the screenshots are taken from the title sequence of the movie, so often you'll get logo shots or a very familiar opening scene image.  There's thousands of photos ranging from old school film noir stuff to very recent years, so no matter your taste, you will find more than a few things to look back on.

The images themselves are of a pretty decent quality, but are all generally pretty small, so you'll want to look elsewhere for disposable wallpaper images.  In my search through the listings, I found that almost every movie has a link to buy the movie referenced, which is also a help when you stumble upon that old classic that you just need to own.

The strength of this collection of stills is its organization.  Apparently, it was started when the site's owner decided to start cateloguing all the movies they saw over the years, and then lost them all due to a computer crash.  This is a great way to preserve that collection, and now the whole internet gets to enjoy them!  Take a trip through the pages of this impressive collection, and tell us what your favorite movie still was.