Movie Star Dress: Recycled VHS Tape Frock

Everything can have a new life in clothing, and now someone has found a way to re-purpose something that really has no other function today as technology has rendered it extinct!

VHS Tape DressVHS Tape Dress

VHS tapes have no purpose from a multimedia perspective anymore, so now they're finding new life by having their tape re-purposed into clothing! The dress by designer Scianca is one of a kind and the best part of all is that it's actually wearable! Sometimes the fashions that we come across made from strange recycled products are fun to gawk at, but not practical for wear. Well, this one has a funky, leathery look that is right on trend and it has a story to it. That's a statement you can take somewhat literally, too! If boredom hits, you can always try to decipher the VHS tape to determine what movie you're dawning!

Recycled Dress from VHS TapesRecycled Dress from VHS Tapes

Via: TrendHunter

Jan 7, 2011
by Anonymous


Attractive the dress .