MoviePeg For iPhone And iPad Actually iNnovative

Gadgets and i-products go together like peanut butter and jam, and every once in while one comes along that metaphorically tastes great AND is less filling. Such is the case with the MoviePeg.

First, don't eat the MoviePeg. K? K. Not so much with the tasty.

Produced by magneticNorth, a UK digital design company, the MoviePeg is a simple little device used to hold an iPhone or iPad either upright or sideways for easy movie viewing. Realistically, it's just two small 2 1/8 -by-1 1/2 pieces that are only 1/2 an inch thick. It has small "claws" which hook around the edge of an iPad or -Pod and allow the thing to stand on end like a little Rory Calhoun (Simpsons reference, BTW). 

Sometimes, products like this are just a giant pile of fail, but in this case, the thing is actually pretty useful. The MoviePeg is small and lightweight and requires no more setup than taking it out of its packaging and setting your favorite device in place. It works around most cases and is stable, by and large.

Neato: not so much Cheato.Neato: not so much Cheato. 

Currently, the device is shipping for the iPhone and pre-orders are being taken for the iPad. The device comes in six colors -  Black Rain, Yellow Submarine, Soylent Green, Blue Velvet, Pretty in Pink and Red Dawn. The iPhone version retails for 5 Pounds - about 10 dollars US - and is available here.

The magneticNorth website is pretty slick, actually, and it looks like they intend to develop several new projects for the mobile market. This one seems to have the mark nicely, providing a simple solution and giving the i-line of products slightly more utility.

Ah yes. Slight utility. We know it well.

Source: Movie-Peg