Movit Performance Gummies Offer An Alternative To Sugary Energy Drinks


Energy drinks have become enormously popular in recent years and not just for athletes.  You see everyone from busy executives to college students to soccer moms guzzling these sugary beverages in order to get them through their hectic days and help perk them up after very little sleep.  The problem is that while the drinks do give a boost they often also set you up for a big crash at some point and pack in a lot of extra calories and not a lot else.

The makers of Movit Performance Gummies are hoping to offer a new option for those looking for a healthier boost.  Japan’s gold medal swimmer, Setsuko Hansen, came up with the idea of creating a more convenient, better tasting and healthier alternative to energy drinks.  The individual packets of gummies are specially formulated for women and use caffeine from the guarana plant to provide energy without the crash.  In addition, the treats are only 60 calories per pack and contain B vitamins, vitamin C and coenzyme Q10. 

Some of the proceeds of each purchase of the gummies also go to breast cancer research, so you can feel good about helping others out as well.  Toss a few packets in your purse for some added energy on the run.