MP3 Pig Speakers Are Bacon For Your Ears

"Speaker-pig, speaker-pig, does whatever a..." Well, you get it. At least, you CAN get it - "it" being this swanky swine sound blaster - for all your MP3 music listening needs. 

While MP3 music players are constrained to retain a certain basic shape for best functionality, there's no real reason why an accessory speaker should bore you. Or boar you, for that matter.

That's where these acoustically (if not anatomically) correct ceramic piggies from Idea Frames come in. Trot in, whatever.

Each one holds a full-range speaker in its brisket and, in a design tour-de-force typical of Japanese industrial design, the connector cord is positioned right where a porker's corkscrew tail would normally sprout!


The speaker pigs come in a choice of four colors: black, white, metallic gold and pink pearl. Each weighs 466 grams (just over a pound) and measures 105mm (4.2") tall by 90mm (3.6") wide by 185mm (7.4") long. They cost 4,725 yen (about $50) each and can be ordered through Rinkya Stores' cool English-language website. (via Technabob)

In the U.S., you'd have to settle for these less realistic but still cute pig speakers available on Amazon. 

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