Interior Designer's Mr. Potato Head: Mr. Light By Tomás Alonso


You may not get the similarity between Mr. Light, by designer Thomás Alonso, and Mr. Potato Head, by toy company Hasbro... not right away.  But when you see how Mr. Light can be shaped and dressed creatively in fixtures of different materials, shapes, and colors, you'll see why Mr. Light is an interior designer's Mr. Potato Head.

LED lights give extraordinary freedom to a lighting designer. The non-glare bulbs can dare to be naked. They don't even need to be sheltered from touch as LED bulbs do not give off heat.  Alonso uses LED T8 tube light bulbs as his light source and inspiration for his Mr. Light Series.



Here, Thomas Alonso shares one set of standing versions of Mr. Light 1, 2, and 3 from the studio he shares with fellow designers from many countries, OKAYstudio.



Variations of the standing Mr. Light which feature different bases as well as different twists. Yes, you can dance with Mr. Light; just be careful not to trip over his power cord.  (Too bad Mr. Light even needs a power cord, don't you think?)




"Off" the wall, off the ceiling, notice how the lamp and the fixture are one, bending and twisting to the designer's vision.



Mr. Lights are too much fun.  Will Mr. Light become as iconic a design toy as Mr. Potato Head is a child's toy?


Thomás Alonso, OKAYstudio via 3rings.


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