Mrs. Brady Turns Entrepreneur With The Flo Club, Teaching Seniors About Technology

Computer and internet use is no longer just for the younger generations; but for those who try to get online later in life, there are greater challenges since they haven't had the lifelong exposure that many that are part of the younger demographic have. An unlikely entrepreneur has stepped forward to provide a service that helps seniors overcome their challenges when using technology, and you know her best as Mrs. Brady.

Flo ClubFlo Club

Yes, Florence Henderson is behind the Flo Club; a subscription service designed to help seniors learn to use the internet, email, social networking and more and help them troubleshoot any problems that they may have. This entrepreneur believes it's never too late to start learning, but in order to encourage these groups to become better connected with today's technology, they need support that works for them. The Flo Club assists members who subscribe to their service, walking them through the various learning processes of getting started on a computer and helping them overcome the challenges that they face by connecting remotely through their computer to provide a visual demonstration.

The Floh Club is a company designed to help over adults overcome their fears of technology, so they can better remain connected with friends of family by taking advantage of the modern conveniences available today!