Mrs. Doe Pee: Laugh & Cringe At Funniest Business Name & Gross Business Opportunity

During hunting season, hundreds of burly woodsmen slather themselves in doe pee to attract and lure their prey with their shot guns at the ready. Wearing pee like perfume certainly isn't glamorous, but it's a necessary part of hunting for sport. If you think that wearing deer pee is disgusting, think about the poor businesses responsible for collecting the doe pee. Mrs. Doe Pee in Iowa specializes in pee farming; be prepared to pity these people because business doesn't get much less glamorous than this.

Pee farming isn't all that unusual of a business, strange as it may sound. With over 14 million hunters in the United States alone, there's a high demand for pee with hunters spritzing themselves in doe urine, so someone's got to do it. I chose Mrs. Doe Pee to illustrate the disgusting industry of pee farming mainly because I find myself smirking at their business name. I mean, you'd have to be pretty dopey to choose pee harvesting as a career, right?

Mrs. Doe Pee does have a streamlined system for farming their doe pee. The deer aren't taught to urinate into a strategically placed bucket on command, much to my dismay, but to the good fortunate of the employees who work at Mrs. Doe Pee. When nature calls, the deer urine is filtered through a grate drainage system in the floor. While the first part of the pee farming process isn't hands-on, pee harvesters do need to manually filter and bottle the doe urine. The pee farming industry definitely isn't without its workplace hazards; for one thing, it's definitely not a scent you want to carry home after a long day at the pee harvesting plant; you'd no doubt attract the wrong type of doe.

The industry of pee harvesting may be anything but glamorous; but I'm sure there's a big profit to be had there somewhere. Whoever Mrs Doe Pee is; I don't think she'd choose the cringes that must follow when she announces that by trade, she is a pee farmer unless she was raking in the dough.

via: MadConomist

Mar 9, 2009
by Anonymous


Your article is simply stupid. You attitude immature.

Mar 9, 2009
by Anonymous

Another cruel 'hunter' tool.

Anyone who contributes to the 'joy of hunting' is an enemy of those who love animals. The idiots who call themselves 'hunters' are only fooling themselves.