MSI Releases The GS70; Its Slimmest Laptop Yet

MSI's pulled out all the stops with its latest gaming notebook the GS70, and worked to make it as thin as humanly possible without sacrificing too much power. As a result, in spite of the fact that it has a 17'' screen; it's less than an inch thick. It also only weighs 5.7 pounds. At this point, I'm sure many of you have already checked out - after all, a laptop that size couldn't possibly pack much power under the hood, right? 

Wrong. Somehow, in spite of its size, the GS70 manages to be one of the most powerful laptops currently on the market. This red and black beauty sports a Nvidia GeForce GTX 765M with 2 GB of GDDR5 graphics memory, an Intel Core i7-4700HQ Processor(with four cores and 2.4 GHz of memory), a full-color SteelSeries backlit keyboard with anti-ghosting, a Killer DoubleShot NIC, and a 720p Webcam. 

With all that stuff packed into such a small space, one would expect the GS70 to have a few heat issues, no? Apparently not - MSI has boasted about its dual fan design, which pulls heat from the top side of the laptop and emits it at a forty-five degree angle. This keeps the system running cool and smooth even when it's running at maximum performance.

The GS70 can be purchased for either $1800 or $2000 on their website. You can also buy it from Amazon here tax free. The primary difference seems to be the presence of a 1 Terabyte hard drive in the $2000 model, as opposed to a 750GB in the $1800 one. Oh, and both models come with Windows 8 preinstalled. Sorry about that. 

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Aug 15, 2013
by Anonymous

Whoever wrote this needs to

Whoever wrote this needs to do a better research. What kind of idiot would pay for 250gb of extra storage, and HDD storage at that. The difference is that you get 2x 128GB SSD set at SuperRaid and then the 250GB extra. Also one would mention Newegg instead of amazon if the deal is better, which it is.