MSN Pet Search Finds Old & New Homes for Shook-Up Pets

Microsoft Japan is extending a helping paw to dogs and cats separated from their owners during and after the Great East Japan Earthquake. The website lists images and information on pets rescued after the disaster, with the hope of either reuniting them with their previous owners or finding them homes with new families.

MSN Pet Search is one of a number of pet-related initiatives launched in the aftermath of the March 11th, 2011 Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami. In dozens of cases, pets became separated from their owners who either lost their homes or, even worse, their lives.

Unlike people, pets can't browse websites or post notes at actual bulletin boards in evacuation centers. MSN Pet Search acts on these lost pets' behalf, collecting and displaying as much information as possible at a dedicated website.

The pet “profiles” are organized by species (dogs or cats) and the site also posts status updates on some of their past featured pets. Don't be put off by the freaked-out appearance of some of the pets – if you went through what they did, you'd look a little stressed too!

In those sad situations where a pet's owner and/or human family was lost in the disaster, Microsoft Japan invites those who are considering purchasing a pet to browse the MSN Pet Search website. Besides helping out pets who are doubtlessly sad & lonely, new owners will receive pets who are already acclimated to life with humans and will probably require very little re-training, if any. (via Japan Probe

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Feb 23, 2012
by MiaWeiman

I want to adopt a dog. I

I want to adopt a dog. I love animals, and I feel mercy for the ones in shelters. I'm very angry on the people who abandon animals, they are very cruel. How can you do that? I'm amazed they don't throw them away in garbage bags and get rid of them.

Mar 7, 2012
by Anonymous


The humorous aspect to see the big male family protector cowering under the bed when the neighborhood kids set off a string of Black Cats. But from the dog's perspective, there's nothing funny about feeling so much fear. It also can be dangerous to the dog, or to humans.