Mt. Fuji Travel Tissue Case Blows Its Top When You Blow Your Nose

Japan seems to have a thing for creative tissue paper holders and cases. Need some reminders? Check out the Governor “Kenny Blankenship” novelty box or the Tissue Case House from Keiko Okamoto, ideal accessories for your ultra-premium Nose Celebrity tissues.

That same creativity expresses itself in smaller, portable tissue paper cases carried by the vast majority of Japanese women – one never “nose” when you're going to need a tissue while traveling through Tokyo. This brings us to the Mt. Fuji Travel Tissue Case from designer Tomohiro Ikegaya and White Rabbit Express.

Ikegaya's case work's similarly to the aforementioned large boxes in that the actual tissue paper is the key to the design.

Slip an open package of travel-size tissues into the 130mm × 92mm (5.2” by 3.68”) case and the first available tissue shows through, positioned exactly where Mt. Fuji's famed snow-shite peak appears on the front of the case. Cute, cool, and practical!

The Mt. Fuji Travel Tissue Case is no one-trick pony, as it features a zippered back pocket suitable for carrying coins, cards, transit tickets and other assorted daily minutia. Top it all off with a ball chain attached to a red tab and you're ready for whatever the big city can throw your way.

Tomohiro Ikegaya's Mt. Fuji Travel Tissue Case is available for purchase online at White Rabbit Express's English language product page. It's made in Japan, shipped in a protective, translucent PVC plastic case, and priced in the 1,575 yen or $25 range plus shipping.