Much Buzz About Timberland, Pharrell Williams and Bee-Inspired Boots

 The eco-textile firm, Bionic Yarn, is the brain-child of Grammy-winning recording artist, Pharrell Williams. The latest buzz is all about boots manufactured by Timberland that are made from Bionic Canvas, a sustainable blend of organic cotton and of all things, recycled plastic bottles. The design of the boots is bee-inspired and so far, at least one celebrity, the lovely Beyoncé, has worn them in her latest music video made with Nicki Minaj, Feeling Myself.

 Timberland Bee-Inspired Boots: Source: TimberlandTimberland Bee-Inspired Boots: Source: Timberland


 Who is Pharrell Williams?

This urban pop legend is an entrepreneur of the highest caliber. Born in 1973 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, he is a man of modest roots. This song-writer, who is known as the "mad scientist of progressive urban pop," crafted hits for major stars, such as Gwen Stefani, with his unique production team, The Neptunes. In his own group, N.E.R.D, he blended rock and rap into a new and vibrant sci-fi-pop sound. He won Producer of The Year in 2014, as well as 10 other Grammys over the course of his career. Of late, however, Pharrell is mostly sporting another hat, which reads: 'Fashion Designer' across the brim.

Fashion and Bionic Yarns

 Williams has always been on the lookout for innovative branding opportunities and in the last few years developed two street-wear lines, Ice Cream and Billionaire Boy's Club, both of which were exclusive and offered high quality merchandise. Back in 2008, he became the ambassador for  Bionic Yarns, an eco-textile brand that creates "smart fabrics" from old plastic bottles

The Bee Line x Timberland Grass & Honeycomb Pack

Inspired by nature,  particularly in relation to the lives of bees, the design on these  innovative, limited-edition, 6-inch grass canvas boots features honeycomb cells on one side and blades of grass on the other. The concept here is mirroring nature, as inside the hive is the simplicity of the honeycomb and outside the fresh green grass. Made from Bionic Canvas, which is derived from Bionic Yarn, this unique blend of 50% cotton and recycled plastic is about as green as any manufacturer can get. These boots, at least for now, are primarily designed for women.


Two Boot Designs: Source: TimberlandTwo Boot Designs: Source: Timberland


The future of Timerland's Bee Line Boots

Pharrell Williams is an eco force to respect. He is an example of using the power of celebrity to transform the world one idea at a time. Sustainable fashion is fast taking hold of our global consciousness and concerned men like Pharrell Wlliams and companies like Timberland  are only addng to it by funding and promoting our natural resources and using eco-manufacturing techniques.

Closing thoughts on sustainability:

This is the first age that's paid much attention to the future, which is a little ironic since we may not have one. ~ Arthur Clarke

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