Mucking Around In The Latest Muck Boot Fashions For Women


If you love gardening in the fall, you may already have a pair of the well-known military-green Muck Boots shoes or boots to traipse around in the mud.  Mine look like mud, in fact.  But Muck Boots are now available in cool colors and patterns for women, and these styles might just encourage you to hose the mud off your Muck Boots more frequently.

Muck Boots are not only great for gardening, but most any activity you do in muck (that requires you to be on your feet.)  Farmers and horse enthusiasts are big fans of Muck Boots, as are campers, hunters, river rafters, and many others with outdoor lifestyles. Muck Boot shoes are fantastic for walking on the beach. Muck Boots are extra comfortable work shoes that keep your feet dry, airy and comfortable thanks to the impenetrable waterproof mesh lining.  Incidentally, Muck Boots are great for working outside in any kind of weather, because they don't admit any pebbles, stones, or sticks into your shoes.

The ribbed rubber soles grip ground surfaces to prevent you from slipping on your behind, which happens more than occasionally in muck.  And the nylon uppers are backed by a thin layer of rubber to give the shoe more stability and support.   Muck Boots will get very dirty, but just rinse them off with water.

Another super feature is the Muck Boot's hands-free slide-in, slip-off benefit, so you don't have to touch the muck on your shoes or boots. 

For those of you who like military green, Muck Boots still offers 20 styles of shoes and boots in that color for men and women. Shown below are the Muck Boots Adult Scrub Boot (left) and Muck Boots Adult Daily Garden Shoe.



But babes, Muck Boots has versions of the above shoe and boot in pastels!  Not just pastels, but printed pastels. Add a saucy rubber apron to your outfit and you'll be the sexiest mucker around. Here are the new Muck Boots Women's Scrub Boots:






And the Muck Boots Women's Daily Shoe...






You really want sexy.  Take a look at all the Muck Boots available in Woody for you hikers, campers, and crocodile chasers.  Just a few here, and these are offered for men and women..

Think how sexy these hip boots will be when you're deep in the marshes of the Everglades with the alligators nipping at your gator-repellant heels... Here is the Muck Boots Adult Woody Marsh Hipper Boot...



The Muck Boots Adult Woody Elite, designed for hunting with an "Inscentable" scent-masking technology to better conceal your presence in the field....




And here's a very classic and classy muck around boot for boating enthusiasts, Muck Boots Adult Cikana Boot, because boats and beaches get mucky too!  The Cikana features a nice rear kick-off  so your hands don't get mucky either.






Hope you liked what you saw. Here's muck in your eye!


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