Mugen Tunes Honda Insight: Creates Zero-Lift

Mugen has been tuning Honda vehicles for quite a while now, and we knew it was only a matter of time until they decided to play with the Insight. What we didn't know was exactly what they had planned for the little hybrid, until just recently that is, but what they did may surprise you.

The Mugen Zero-Lift Insight, as the name implies, is supposed to produce no lift while driving. To accomplish this, the folks at Mugen had to carefully study the flow of air over the exterior of the Insight and then develop a body kit to correct any places that produced lift. I'm sure it's much easier said than done.

The final result included a new front fascia, along with side skirts and a shallow rear wing. A spoiler under the front of the Insight reduces most of the lift usually present while driving, and a similar piece of material under the rear of the vehicle takes care of whatever is left.

The package also gets you a sport tuned suspension that lowers the vehicle about 20mm from stock ride height and a set of either 15" or 16" aluminum wheels. Even the exhaust tip has been replaced in an attempt to make the Mugen Insight as aerodynamic as possible.

Honda plans on releasing the new sportier Insight in 2010, but only in Japan.