Multi-Tasking Coffe Cup: Wake Me Up & Keep My Schedule!

If you are one that forgets your appointments or the chores you need to do, even on a good day, a new design for coffee cups and cold drink tumblers might help you out. Just write today's list on your Write-On Glassware and erase it when you're done.



Wherever you compose your to-do list, it never seems to be around when you need to be reminded that you have a to-do list. Prepare it on a desk pad, your computer, your cell phone, and it's easy to ignore. I ignore mine every day, even as I add more items to it. But the coffee cup or the iced tea glass... now they are hard to avoid... especially ones with your to-do list or daily schedule planted smack in the middle of them.

The Write-On Glassware coffee cup has a convenient schedule printed on one side, so you won't forget your dentist appointment, and on the other side, there's space for your to-do list, or doodling, or writing haiku.



The Write-On Glassware Tumbler for your cold drinks has a pre-printed to-do form prepared for your entries, so you won't forget to send back your videos, write a new resume, or cancel your landline.



The Write-On Glassware cup and tumbler are no-fail gifts, and in case your recipient misses the point, they come with and erasered pencil. I only wish they were larger -- the mug is 3" x 3.5" and the tumbler is 3" x 6" -- I have a long to-do list. Available from
Mar 5, 2009
by Jace Shoemaker-...
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Right on!

I love this idea!  Thanks for sharing!

Jace Shoemaker-Galloway
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