The Multi-tasking Koo Cuts Down On Baby Clutter



Babies...they look all tiny and cute, but the truth is that they come with an absolutely mind-boggling amount of stuff.  Even if you stick to the basics, the baby gear is still certain to overtake your house.  Any way that you can keep from picking up one more item is a miracle.



Well, the people at Lunar design have come up with a concept that would cut down on the baby clutter a bit.  The Koo is a soft and cozy looking bassinette that folds down on one side to become a rocking chair.  New parents would be able to put baby down to sleep in the Koo and then, when it is feeding time, quickly convert it into a soothing chair.  This would be a particularly great item for parents who plan on having the baby in the same room as them for the first while.

If you are about to have a baby, try not to get too excited though.  This item appears to still be just a concept, but hopefully will be on the market fairly soon.