Munkyboards Electric Skateboards Will Satisfy Your Need For Speed

If you're a skateboarder and have a need for speed, you've probably considered buying an electric skateboard. More and more electric skateboards are making their debut on the market, so shopping around may be hard. Let me make it simple--if you want speed and durability, then Munkyboards Electric Skateboards are what you need.

Munkyboards 1200wMunkyboards 1200w

The Munkyboard Line

Munkyboards offers a variety of electric skateboards, all with their own benefits. The most basic and cheapest are their 150w boards. They offer the 150w with either a basic, acid battery or a lithium ion battery. Both of the 150w boards top off in speed at around 10mph and will give you about 6-10 miles in riding distance on a single charge. 

The 250w boards reach speeds of 14mph and will also travel 6-10 miles on a single charge. Another benefit of going with a bigger board is the weight capacity. The 250w will support a 190 pound rider, whereas the 150w will only support riders under 150 pounds. 

Riding MunkyboardsRiding Munkyboards

The 500w Munkyboards Electric Skateboard is the next level up. It will travel up to 18mph, has a ride distance of 6-10 miles and will support a 245lb rider. The 900w version has the same ride distance, but will travel 2mph faster and can support a 275lb rider. 

The top of the line, and most expensive, of the Munkyboards is the 1200w version. This skateboard will send you flying down the sidewalks at 22mph, and it too will support a 275lb rider. 

Munkyboards 500wMunkyboards 500w

Additional Features

All of the Munkyboards are remote controlled and feature a hi-speed and a low-speed. The remote also features a LED flashlight for night rides, a built-in USB rechargeable battery, speed read out and a battery level indicator.

As I mentioned, you can get the different wattage versions in either standard or lithium ion battery models (the 500w is the exception; it only comes in the lithium ion version). 

The bigger boards, the 900w and 1200w models, add to the riding experience through their rubber, off-road tires. These monster tires are all-terrain and allow riders to hop off the sidewalk and brave natural terrain or maneuver through especially bumpy roads.

Munkyboards RemoteMunkyboards Remote

If you want to check out the Munkyboard line and order one of your own, you can visit their website, or check out Amazon. You'll find that these boards are a great combination of fun, fast and durable. They're perfect for a day of cruising the sidewalks or getting to work and avoiding traffic.

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