Murderous Hair Care Products: Personal Defense Combat Brushes and Combs

Most women carry a brush or comb in their purse for on the go touchups, but now brushes can do more than just fight hairstyle aggressors. With Comb-at combs by Lorenzo Damiani and Combando by Studiobo, women cal feel like they're armed and dangerous each and every time they're battling a hair care emergency, or even when engaging in hand-to-comb combat.

Comb-at by Lorenzo DamianiComb-at by Lorenzo Damiani

Ideal for the femme fatal, these bad ass combs offer protection from the elements, both for your hair and your body. While these knife combs may not help you come out victorious in a knife fight, they sure make you feel armed and dangerous, and may help people regain their confidence following an assault.

Combando by StudioboCombando by Studiobo

However you look at it, this is one fashion and hair care product that's pretty cool, so get your hands on one of these dangerous combs and get your bad on.

Via: DesignBoom