Mus3 Mouse Is Certainly Amusing

As our computer use continues toincrease, its important that users have a viable and comfortable wayto get around our desktops, and the Mus3 Mouse is poised and pointedto change that.

Brainchild of Artemy Lebedev, the Mus3is a physical representation of something that we see each and everytime we boot up our computers - a mouse cursor. With the classic"pointer" shape, the Mus3 will be instantly familiar to anycomputer user, though they might balk at its size.

From what we've read, the Mus3 isactually quite a comfortable wireless mouse to told and comes with anLed battery light indicator that lets you know just how much megapointing power you still have left. Forgoing the right/left buttonconcept, the mouse instead has a single button at the tip in place ofthe standard left button and a scroll wheel below it that is both ascrolling wheel and the right button.

The Mus3 has a signal range of 2meters, a speed of 76cm/sec and a 1750 dpi resolution, in addition toan auto-save mode, and will come in both linen and anthracite -fancy ways of saying "white and black".

Mus3: the "linen" version.Mus3: the "linen" version. 

Sure, the Mus3 doesn't reinvent thewheel or the mouse running on it with this design but it does providean interesting take on a peripheral we all use just about everyday.The more quality wireless mouse choices available for purchase, thebetter - we all need a comfortable place for our hand to rest whilewe go about our daily computer use.

We're certainly...aMusd.

Source: Design Launches