Is That Music Coming Out of Your Butt?

When I first heard the words "Asspeaker," I had an image of some character from an Adam Sandler movie.  Something akin to a guru who would project sage advice from his ass.

But what I actually found was equally as strange-though probably far less smelly.

What we have here is essentially a stereo speaker system in the form of a human butt. This strange-yet somehow enticing-sound device designed by Younes Daneshvar and Javad Yazdani consists of three units.

The primary unit is the subwoofer; that's the one that looks like a full set of buttocks.  Simply tap it to turn the unit on.  You'll know you've succeeded because it will glow a light red color for a few moments.

The satellite pieces are speakers that receive a signal from the main butt via Bluetooth technology.  And they fold together to make a little butt for easier storage.  To control volume, you gently rub each cheek of the main butt in a circular motion-left for softer, right for louder.

I suspect that performing these activities would garner you some odd looks from some of your friends-particularly if the song being played were "Baby Got Back" or that horrible "Thong Song."

I was unable to find any pricing information on this item, which leads me to believe it is in the design stage at the time of this writing.

Special thanks to Steve Levenstein for the pointing out this fine piece of ass.  And for more pictures of the Asspeaker, head on over to Yanko Design.