Music Note Tea Filter Sounds Great For Single Sippers

The Music Note Tea Filter from Japanese kitchen devices maker Sea Trade is a fun take on the traditional metal screened tea ball. It's also a bit more practical - the music note shaped filter offers users a cool place to grip while immersing and extracting the tea.

The 145mm (just under 6") long tea filter has a perforated compartment in the lower ball portion of the filter that opens easily for the user to add loose tea. One advantage of this, besides the fact that many tea drinkers enjoy loose tea, is that unlike bagged tea one can infuse a larger or smaller portion of tea leaves to suit individual preference.

The body of the tea filter is made from silicone plastic and according to the manufacturer is safe to use in water temperatures up to 230°C or 446°F... yes, I know this is above the boiling point of water. They also state -50°C (-58°F) as the low end  - well, some folks like their tea cold. Really cold.

It would be nice if the tea filter incorporated a musical timer to alert the tea drinker when their beverage is ready, but let's not ask for too much for our 819 yen ($9). When not used, you can hang the tea filter up on a hook in your kitchen - the note's flag makes this a cinch and your kitchen will look that much friendlier.

Order your Music Note Tea Filter online from Amazon Japan. Choose from pink, yellow, light green, light blue and medium blue. (via Impress Watch)