The Music Tee - Free Music Downloads Through Fashion

Band t-shirts have traditionally been strictly a way to promote your love for a favorite band or concert series, now an exclusive design of music fashion tees give you access to artists' music for free.

The cool music tees are created by fashion house LnA and Invisible DJ. On the front they have a graphic of the album cover, on the back they include track listings with exclusive barcodes that allow consumers to download one copy of each of the tracks for free. The first version of this unique music t-shirt is currently available with a compilation of tracks from various artists, as put together by Invisible DJ. For $60, fashion and music lovers have access to all 14 tracks. The next t-shirt from the line will become available later this month, which will feature the album Ecstatic by Mos Def, which will retail for $39 for 16 tracks.

Sometimes fashion is just fashion, but sometimes, in addition to looking stylish, consumers get a little added bonus as part of the new trend.

Via: Springwise