Music To My Ears: Music-ed T-shirts

The idea behind Music-ed T-shirts is simple. And what makes the design so great, is this simplicity.

The t-shirts are earphone equipped to allow for easy listening of any portable multimedia player like iPods, MP3 players, multimedia mobile such as DVD players, portable radios, etc.

Individually customized and hand printed, so no two t-shirts are ever the same, the t-shirts are created by Music and Sons. Wearers also have the option of incorporating special short earphones and an integrated connection cable.

The steps to music on the go are easy:

  • "Simply wear your Music and Sons T-shirt
  • put your mp3 player in the fitting pocket
  • connect it to the plug you find inside
  • connect Music and Sons short earphones (provided with the T-shirt) to the plug in the back neck collar
  • hang the t-shirt to your jeans through the special buttonhole ...and YOU'RE READY TO GO!"

Really as simple as that.

Via: musicandsons
Sep 27, 2008
by Anonymous

Great Idea

What I need to have an exclusive representation by time 'determined' in Brazil?

Feb 25, 2009
by Anonymous

Pretty cool!

I like it! I usually by my rock tee shirts from, but I think I'll start buying custom shirts instead. It seems like a good idea to me, plus, the shirts are handy.