The Musical Cake Tray: Saving The World From Horrible Birthday Singing



We’ve all been there.  You are at someone’s birthday party and they bring out the cake and everyone just mumbles their way through the “Happy Birthday” song hoping that no one will notice their terrible singing skills.  Well, with the Musical Cake Tray by Deni no one has to sing if they don’t want to.  This multi-tasking cake plate plays “Happy Birthday” and even helps you to cut perfectly even cake slices. 



LED lights around the perimeter of the tray show precisely where to cut your pre-selected amount of slices to produce even pieces.  You can choose anything from 2-12 slices.  This LED feature would be particularly handy at a kids’ birthday party, but we all know a few adults (okay, me) who would fight to the death over the biggest piece too, so maybe it is a good idea all around. 



Even more convenient, the tray rotates to make for quick decorating and slicing.  It holds cakes up to 12 inches in diameter and operates on 4 AAs.     (See Musical Cake Tray)


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