Music-Infused Earmuffs Make a Great Gift or Stocking Stuffer

For the past few winters, I've been wearing a hat with built in headphones and it's been one of the greatest pieces of winter gear I've discovered since I first rode a sled when I was 5. Technically, the headphones aren't built in, but are fit into Velcro pouches, so that you can wear the hat with headphones, with one headphone or as a regular hat without any headphones.

Now, I'll confess that I'm pretty bald, partly by choice (I shave every few days) and partly by force (nature is taking it one way or the other). So wearing a hat in the winter is the most convenient way of keeping my head warm.

If I happened to have a heavenly, luscious head of hair, I might not be so prone to mussin' my part with a big fleece beanie. I might be more inclined to let my hair keep my head warm and a pair of earmuffs keep my ears warm. But, whether walking to work or cutting a fresh line through morning powder on my snowboard, I'd still like the option of listening to music. Without cramming cold, hard ear buds up and under my earmuffs. 

These 180s Tec Fleece with Headphones are just the ticket. A warm, fuzzy pair of softshell fleece earmuffs for your outer ears and an integrated set of headphones for your inner ears. The company doesn't indicate if the headphones are removable, but there appears to be a little pouch in which you slide them in (or out).

These look like the ultimate winter accessory for the music lover that prefers muffs over hats. For $35, you can make the Tec Fleece with Headphones a full gift or a stocking stuffer. And if you decide on the latter, open them up and they should take up a good percentage of that stocking, leaving you with a little less shopping to do. 

Via Coolest Gadgets 

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