Musio is the AI robot that wants to be your friend

We're getting closer to having Tamagotchis that can actually do more than just hang out in our pockets. Musio is an artificially intelligent robot that you can own. Using Muse technology and an Android operating system, the little robot can answer your questions, carry on a conversation, and even help make your home "smarter." Currently being funded on IndieGoGo, Musio comes in three different packages and has multiple different packages you can add on to it.

The first level is rather simple, and is not nearly as intelligent as the higher packages. A lot of the "smart" is not there necessarily. It cannot connect to the internet and can only remember five prior conversations. This level is called "Simple" and it definitely lives up to the name. It is still nice though, and if you add in the package specifically designed for children, you have a nice, interactive robot that children can use to learn different things. The other two packages are rather similar, with the highest package offering extended battery life and more memory. Both higher level packages are not limited to remembering a certain number of conversations and can connect to the internet.

Musio learns as it goes, and the more you work with it, the better it becomes. Need help spelling a word or remembering a definition? Musio will tell you how to do it. Using Bluetooth, Musio can also help control your Bluetooth-enabled devices. "Musio, please turn down the music," and the little-robot-that-could will lower the volume. In addition to helping you out with small tasks, Musio will also carry on general conversation with you, act "silly", and even recommend places for you to eat. It's at this point that the AI really starts shining and feels like a step forward in artificial intelligence. 

Musio, AKAStudy, is currently on IndieGoGo and is well on its way to getting 100% funded. Check out the campaign here!