Must-Have Home Exercise Equipment: The Seated Whole Body Pedaler


A lot of people prefer to have exercise equipment at home rather than going to a gym.  I'm one of them, as I find I can get more things done in a day if I don't spend extra time driving to a gym and changing my clothes a few times.  There are other reasons, too, especially for having the Seated Whole Body Pedaler in your home....


Seated Whole Body Pedaler: image via hammacher.comSeated Whole Body Pedaler: image via


First, the Seated Whole Body Pedaler is a great indoor exerciser for when it's too cold, too hot, or just plain ugly weather to go out and exercise. It takes no time to set up, and you can use it from almost any chair, even a wheelchair (if you lift the foot holders).  You don't have to wear 'appropriate' gym attire.  And you have the convenience of exercising whenever you want for as long as you want.

But most of that can be said for all home exercise equipment. What's neat about the Seated Whole Body Pedaler (and I've tried it), is that it gives your arms and legs the range of motion exercise they need and some cardio to boot.  You can work just the arms, just the legs, or both together, and the pedals go forward as well as backward - I have to say it's great action for your arms, which are not used to such a workout. And those who've used the Pedaler for rehabilitation say it's terrific.

There are a few similar leg and arm pedalers on the market for at-home use, but when comparing, note that the Seated Whole Body Pedaler at Hammacher Schlemmer has a nice firm base of support and anti-skid resistance that makes all the difference.  Besides the Hammacher Schlemmer product comes with a lifetime guarantee.  Here is the link; make sure to read the customer reviews of the product.


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