Must-Have SnapRays Night Lights Really Are Brilliant!


No house or apartment seems to have enough electrical outlets for all the gadgets we have. Sure, we can plug in power strips to stretch the current, but there's one gadget that needs at least a semi-permanent home in your wall outlets - the night light. A new company called Snap Power invented a brilliant way to free your outlets for other use and still have your safety lights when it's dark in your rooms - with SnapRays Guide Lights, you just 'plug and play' them.


SnapRays Guide Lights: image via snappower.comSnapRays Guide Lights: image via


The SnapRays are intended to replace your standard flush mounted outlet covers, and they are the same except for the thin LED lights along their bottom panels.  These LEDs are 'dark' sensitive and turn on automatically.  They are extremely efficient; the lights themselves are expected to last 25 years or more, and the cost to run each SnapRays is about 10 cents a year!

SnapRays are UL listed in the U.S. and meet UL Canadian standards as well.  Installation is fairly simple; the proprietary 'snaps' in the SnapRays click over the electrical receptable in your wall, enabling the SnapRays to extract power from it.


 SnapRays fixture fits over electrical receptacle in wall: image via snappower.comSnapRays fixture fits over electrical receptacle in wall: image via

Installation is very straightforward....


SnapRays installation: image via snappower.comSnapRays installation: image via

And here are all the reasons you should consider installing SnapRays in your home....




SnapRays are now available for pre-order at


Source: via PopSci