Artistic Expression or The Future of Humanity?

Hook and EyesHook and Eyes

Lucy McRae and Bart Hess are artists working together to create fascinating images of genetic manipulation and beauty.

They describe their work as "instinctual stalking of fashion, architecture, performance and the body."

Grow on you #2Grow on you #2

Their work finds low-tech prosthetic alternatives for human enhancement. While their art touches on the themes of genetic manipulation and mutation, they insist that it is not their intention to portray this.


Spring uses a standard packaging carton to create the image.

These portraits challenge you to look at them, unable to turn away. Some are repulsive, yet others contain colors that are beautiful but paired with a grotesque mutation.

Grow on youGrow on you

Grow on youGrow on you

Out of SpaceOut of Space

Go For GoldGo For Gold

Dripping ColorDripping Color

Dripping Color simply uses blue balloons that hang off the fingers and toes to give the effect of the body dripping color.

Plastic SurgeryPlastic Surgery

Office LegsOffice Legs

Exploded ViewExploded View

Exploded View Part TwoExploded View Part Two



Some of these images are disturbing, but they are all amazing. Notice how each person stares blankly at you, as if this is normal to them. I think this is possibly how the future could look, each person genetically altered in a different way. The human race could eventually evolve into this one day. Oh, I could only imagine the childhood nicknames one would get from looking like this. I'm sure it would be worse than what I was called as a kid.


Source: lucyandbart via Trendhunter