My First Football Boots Help Kids Learn Soccer Skills

Soccer KidsSoccer Kids

Does your son or daughter want to be the next Pele? Mia Hamm? Or are they into soccer, but you're not sure how to help them develop their skills? My First Football Boots can help with that. These soccer boots were specially designed to help kids improve their dribbling skills.

My First Football BootsMy First Football Boots

When starting out with soccer, many kids have trouble remembering the different parts of the feet. My First Football Boots have different "color contact zones" that help kids learn and remember the different parts of the feet. Designed by a professional soccer coach, these mini cleats will help young soccer players learn key fundamentals. Check out the video below for a description. 

Basically, the different color zones correspond with different parts of the feet. Through practicing drills that implement dribbling between color zones and feet and passing off of the different color zones, My First Football Boots teach young soccer players foundational skills. 

Also, receiving your first pair of boots is like a rite of passage in many sports. My First Football Boots not only teach youngsters soccer skills, they're a great gift of the game's culture as well. If you're interested in getting your young soccer player started on the right foot (pun intended), you can order a pair or find out more information (including videos on drills) on the My First Football Boots website