My New BFF: Be Forever Furless (Brush)


I really enjoy grooming my cats and dogs and I think they like it too - mostly they love the attention. The thing I really hate, though, is having to 'groom' myself after I'm done grooming them.  And it's not just me; the whole house gets full of their fur.  Tempted by its great reviews, I recently gave in to purchasing a BFF - Be Forever Furless fur and lint remover brush.


Be Forever Furless BrushBe Forever Furless Brush


 Be Forever Furless BrushBe Forever Furless Brush

As you can see in the image above, the Be Forever Furless Brush has specially designed nylon bristles.  When you sweep the brush across a fabric, it lifts the fur (and lint) right up.  It often works even better than a vacuum because the vacuum air can blow the fur around, while the fur actually clings to the brush.  You can use the Be Forever Furless Brush on all of your upholstery and tablecloths too. If the fabric is especially fragile, just brush across it lightly withe the BFF.  

To clean the Be Forever Furless Brush, just run it under water and gently pull the hairs, fur, and lint off the brush with your hand or a paper towel. Toss the towel, and you're ready to go again.  The brush can even be used if it's slightly damp. 

Now, you can spend five bucks here and five bucks there buying those roller tapes, but they don't pick up very much fur, or lint, for that matter.  And for the same price, you can get clothing brushes with some sort of magnetic picker-upper, but they are not efficient tools.  If you spend 20 bucks on the Be Forever Furless, it will outlast at least 20 of the weaker, cheaper alternatives and you'll have a hard-working, sturdy, ergonomic clothing/furnture brush that works fantastically well.

Come to think of it, you should buy the Be Forever Furless Brush even if you don't have a pet!

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