My Sleevies: Instantly Add Sleeves To Your Bathing Suit

My Sleevies represent a clever and versatile way to cover up bare arms with flair and style. The designers created these accessories primarily for plus size women but soon realized that even the slimmest of females are self-conscious about their arms. My Sleevies can also be accessorized on sleeveless tops and dresses, revitalizing garments with a new and tasteful look.


Swimsuit Before My Sleevies: Source: My SleeviesSwimsuit Before My Sleevies: Source: My Sleevies


In the words of plus-size model, Michelle Krehl, "My Sleevies can give confidence to those women who don't want to show their upper  arms. They are very versatile and great to travel with as well." Another model, Georgina Navarro, has this to say: "I love how you can mix and match and transform an ordinary blouse into an extraordinary blouse."


Swimsuit With My Sleevies: Source: My SleeviesSwimsuit With My Sleevies: Source: My Sleevies


Who created My Sleevies?

My Sleevies are the first and only detachable arm sleeves for swimsuits. Their creators are two women who viewed the summer as a painful, self-conscious time when they avoided wearing swimsuits and sleeveless clothing. My Sleeveis was borne out of their quest  for a new way to enjoy the sun and surf  without having to expose their bare upper arms.

How do My Sleevies work?

It may look like a wrap, but appearances can be deceiving. My Sleevies is actually a sleeve that attaches to a swimsuit strap or even a bra if the garment is a sleeveless top or dress. There is an easily accessible built-in zipper, which makes putting them on and taking them off very simple. For ultimate comfort, this accessory strategically covers both the front and the all important sides of the arm, and is open underneath it. The "one size fits all" renders> " target="_blank">My Sleevies free, floating, loose and practical for everyone.


Black Mesh Sleevies: Source: My SleeviesBlack Mesh Sleevies: Source: My Sleevies


Other features of My Sleevies

Women can choose from a variety of colors and patterned prints. Each sleevie is hand-made in the United States, offering a dash of patriotism and a sharp  pinch to China  whenever you purchase them. (The Fourth of July is coming. Get ready!) Comprised of spandex and nylon, these sleevies can be worn in water. Every pattern is limited in quantity, making each piece a uniique fashion accessory. Each pair has both a right and left sleevie (respecting some political perspectives).


MY Sleevies Trio: Source: My SleeviesMY Sleevies Trio: Source: My Sleevies


Subtly, these accessories  symbolize something even deeper and more important than practicality. They offer a boost to self-esteem for those who are reluctant to show their bare arms and torture themselves about their appearance, sometimes to the point of affecting their quality of life. Media and advertising don't help at all, as their emphasis is and always has been on 'thin is beautiful.' Well, maybe it is, but not-so-thin is beautiful too. While slim is fine and obesity is certainly not healthy, the crippling hold  that media has on our personal perceptions and happiness needs to be drastically shaken.

Thank you, My Sleevies, for being a friend to all women  everywhere.

 Closing thoughts about women and swimsuits:

What woman doesnt want to feel comfortable in a swimsuit? It's incredibly empowering. ~ Sara Rue

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