My Bleeding-- er-- Beating Heart

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and for those of us that have no justifiable cause to celebrate, it can prove to be an overall annoying holiday, replete with too much red and too many cavity-creating candy hearts. But here’s a heart for you that dentists would probably approve: My Beating Heart is a fuzzy source of comfort that actually mimics the rate of a human heartbeat in a meditative state.

two hearts beat as onetwo hearts beat as one

When we hold or come into close contact with someone our heartbeats naturally begin to sync, and by hugging My Beating Heart you too can create the calm and serenity that accompanies deep relaxation. Every time the Beating Heart is turned on, a unique rhythm is created that gradually changes algorithmically over time, created by combining yoga and meditation with its specially made software. The rate of My Beating Heart is one that would only be achieved in a state of deep sleep or deep meditation, and though the changes are subtle, the designers believe they are effective in transporting people to a state of blissful calm.

This high-tech pillow turns on by pressing the label sewn on the side, and will turn off the same way, or after twenty minutes of relentless beating.

Found via joshspear

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