'My Chopsticks Bra' Replaces Cups with Bowls

The 'My Chopsticks Bra' is the latest outrageous creation from Triumph International Japan, a lingerie company that's never been shy about attracting attention to its products - for a good cause, of course! This time around, the cause is conservation in the form of reusable chopsticks.

It's a real problem: as I mentioned in another of my articles ("Billions of Discarded Chopsticks to be Turned into Biofuel"), an estimated 90,000 tons of wood are wasted each year when disposable chopsticks are discarded. What's this got to do with feminine lingerie, you may be asking? Nothing really, so Triumph's team designed the 'My Chopsticks Bra' with a Japanese foods theme to make an association where there was none before!

As you can see, the bra is formed from half-bowls of rice and miso soup, staple Japanese meal items. Tucked into one of the straps is a pair of collapsible, portable chopsticks. The idea is to popularize the idea of bringing your own personal pair of "hashi" when you go out to eat, instead of adding to the approximately 25 billion - yes, billion - pairs of disposables tossed out each year.

Model Yuko Ishida, commenting on the bra she was wearing at Triumph's photo shoot, said "It's easy to forget to bring along your own chopsticks, but if it's always on you here, then that's pretty practical." We're not sure how many women are into carrying sharp objects in their undies, but thanks Yuko, we get the, umm, point. (via Reuters)

Steve Levenstein
Japanese Innovations Writer
Nov 8, 2007
by Body Beauty


You know what? This may sound weird, but I would really like to have one of these. I would change one thing though....the chopsticks need to be placed in the middle fron part of the bra because I'm not so sure people want to with sweaty chopsticks. By th way what cup size does the bowl bra come in?  Fun find Steve! :)