My Favorite 2009 Trash to Treasure Chair Design: FUNature

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Once, when I was in high school a boyfriend and I were kicked out of the McDonald's playground ball pit because we were too old to play in it. It was my first time in a ball pit and though I knew we were not allowed in the ball pit something about the pit called out to me, "Play With Me!" Hugh Hayden's ball pit chairs call out to me too.

Hugh Hayden is a young furniture designer. Before becoming the winner of the BKLYN Designs he was named the winner of the Skidmore Owings & Merrill Foundation's Travel Fellowship ($20,000). This fellowship allowed him to continue with his research on people's relationship with food. "The fellowship enables an outstanding graduating student to travel and pursue independent study after graduation".  This year Hugh Hayden showcased his fun trash to treasure furniture at the Brooklyn Design show on May 8 and won.

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BKLYN Designs calls Hugh Hayden's line of furniture FUNature because his chairs are a mixture of eco-friendly design, color and fun. I agree. In addition to his ball pit chairs Hayden also makes furniture out of tennis balls. This FUNATURE Tennis Ball Chair is the winning design of the BKLYN Designs. The chair is made of 297 repurposed tennis balls.

"FUNature furniture line is made up of non-toxic, repurposed, low-density polyethylene (salvaged tennis balls), put together in a patent-pending tension matrix. The pieces are flexible and adjustable, adapting to the user's body and position much like the ball-pool but with a bit more stability. Hayden's collection consists of chairs, piles, poufs, stools and tables in various sizes to accommodate both big and small bodies. The pieces are available in prescribed and custom colors, as well as custom ball patterns" (Inhabitat).

When I see Hugh Hayden's ball pit and tennis ball furniture I can't help but imagine a fun evening with family and friends relaxing and playing on FUNature while on occasion throwing ball pit balls at each other for no other reason than pure fun.  It is a mixture of pleasant memories and future wishes.

For more information visit BKLYN Designs here and also watch the BKLYN Designs video here.

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May 20, 2009
by Myra Per-Lee

Love it!

What a fun chair!  You're right. It makes you feel really playful.