Decoupage Anyone? My Best Design Gift For Valentine's Day

Our friends from Charlottesville, Chris Jessee and Luis Rodrigalvarez, make decorative laser-cut cardboard deer, rhino, and moose heads. Their company, Cardboard Safari, creates "puzzles" in two solid colors of 100 percent re-cycled cardboard, natural and white. They are shipped flat in large puzzle pieces and, when put together, make terrific 3D wall hangings.

For Valentine's Day, Cardboard Safari has created a Heart Pattern Gift Box Puzzle and a Heart Pattern Wreath. While they are lovely as is, the heart puzzles make a super base for a decorate-it-yourself project. That you can paint, wrap, glitter, and paste-upon the puzzles while they are flat, make this DIY project an ideal one! You don't need to know anything about decoupage (although a little bit of knowledge might help) to create a very special personal Valentine with these superbly crafted sturdy cardboard sculptures.

What more personal gift could one get?

The Heart Pattern Gift Box Puzzle, in white or natural, is 6.5 x 6 x 3 inches with an interior cavity of: 4 x 3 x 1.5 inches. You can decorate this box inside and out and don't even need to add another gift. The slotted insides, however, make wonderful little shelves for special chocolates or even folded love notes! After Valentine's Day, you can hang the Heart Box or place it on a special table or shelf.





Cardboard Safari's Heart Pattern Wreath Puzzle (24 x 24 x 3 inches) is a DIY's delight! You can decorate the whole wreath at once, or do a portion of it yearly, just before Valentine's Day, changing your style each year. Decorate it for modern or traditional decor.



Of all the very special Valentine's Day gifts I've seen, these cardboard puzzle Heart Pattern sculptures are my favorite. Decorated or not, the Heat Pattern Boxes and Wreaths would make any lover or child feel extremely special. Visit Cardboard Safari and its blog for tips on decorating their puzzles, and check out Oh Deer! Humane Trophy Puzzles From Cardboard Safari!




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