My Little Cupcake Creates Fun Cake Bite Pops


I had never heard of cupcake bites before I found this little gadget, but apparently the pops are quite popular on some baking websites.  From what I can ascertain, they are usually made by chopping up a regular cake (or cookies) into small pieces and then blending it with frosting, rolling the concoction into balls and pressing it into mini cupcake shapes.  The bites are then usually served up on sticks – like a cake lollipop of sorts.  They are a cute idea, especially for a kids’ birthday or even for a fun grown-up party.




I would probably try making them, but not without a mold like the My Little Cupcake.  Without it the bites look to be way too labor intensive for something that will probably be devoured in a matter of seconds.  The My Little Cupcake is a hinged mold.  It allows you to insert a ball of the mixture and squeeze the two sizes together.  What you are left with when you open it is a perfectly shaped mini cupcake creation.  You then dip the top portion in melted chocolate and top with sprinkles or other decorations.




At just over $5 it is a pretty affordable little gadget and might be worth a try to create something a little different.  You can find the My Little Cupcake mold here.



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