My Other Half Wine Glasses Make You Cry Over Spilt Wine

My Other Half wine glasses designed by Jim Rokos are an interesting experiment in cooperation. These glasses are connected via a clear tube and as such, when one person raises their drink to their lips they might meet with frustration as their own beverage drains through the tube to their partner's glass, possibly overflowing it. So, in order to defy gravity and succeed in actually imbibing a drop or two, both glasses must be lifted simultaneously so they each stay equally full.

teamwork gets the job doneteamwork gets the job done

The designer has a quote on his page from psychologist John Kentish: "I like the idea of being able to reward people for their good behavior." Hmm... I see this seemingly innocent parlour game has deeper psychological implications for the dinner table.

This could be a really playful way to add some spice to a meal, but I'd have second thoughts about wearing your Sunday's finest, and after a while I imagine it would just get really frustrating. Plus, aren't you just getting a whole lot of the other person's backwash? Sexy.

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Feb 27, 2008
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This is nice design for you

This is nice design for you and girl friend