My Online Fashion Consultation For The Average Fashionista

In the ideal world, every fashion lover would have the opportunity to consult with style consultants and personal shoppers to select the styles and fashions best suited for their body types. Unfortunately, here in the real world, not everyone has those luxuries available to them; at least they didn't until recently. My Shape, a new fashion consulting and online shopping website makes sure fashion lovers always get the perfect fit at a cost that is more reasonable than the more traditional options.

My Shape determines the best clothes for your body type, by asking you to take a variety of measurements and asking you about your fashion preferences as they relate to style, cut, fit, color and more. It then assigns you a letter for your shape based on the measurements you provided, and allows you to shop showing only the clothes that would fit you, that suit your preferences, and that would naturally flatter your body shape.

Shopping on My Shape doesn't work with traditional sizes per say, so you don't have to guess and risk the fashion item not fitting when it finally appears on your doorstep. It chooses the size of the fashion garment for you based on the measurements provided only to ensure of fit and flattery. This prevents that unfortunate occurrence when you order a size you think would fit online and find it doesn't in fact suit you when you get it on since brands and styles aren't always consistent in sizing.

My Shape claims their styles always flatter, because it can consider each fashion lover's best features based on measurements and highlight them; while covering up those areas that could use a little camouflage.

Without paying for a personal shopper or fashion consultant, or being a lucky nominee on What Not To Wear, My Shape seems to be one of the more accessible ways for the average fashionista to learn about her ideal styles. And, with fashion items available from a variety of designers and budgets, the styles are well-suited to every bank account and office.

Could a fashion site like My Shape take the place of having to try on clothes prior to purchase? What do you think fashion lovers?