MyBestFit Narrows Choices Before You Hit The Dressing Room


Some clothing items are just tough to fit, especially if you have any body parts that you are not completely happy with (which pretty much everyone does).  Items like jeans are a ‘must try on’ and many women and men dread going out to find some.  Besides the body issues, the sizing is so skewed from store to store and style to style that you have no idea where to begin.  It’s crazy how you can be a size 6 in one store and a 10 in another! 

Fortunately there is a new way to narrow down your options before hitting the dressing room.  MyBestFit is a full body scanner that can tell you the best fitting items from the selections in its database.  The scanner uses low power radio waves to record over 200,000 body measurements in 10 to 15 seconds – and it does it all while you are fully clothed!

Once the scan is over, users get to narrow down their clothing results by brand, style, price and/or store.  Several retailers (about 50 so far, including: Gap, Banana Republic and White House Black Market) are already on board with their styles in the database.  Even better, the retailers can get feedback about which of their styles and sizes are recommended most often; then they can better meet the needs of their customers.

At the moment, MyBestFit is only in the King Of Prussia Mall near Philadelphia, but there are plans for 13 more scanners this year.  Hopefully, one day soon this kind of pre-shopping will become the norm.



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