MyPetED Apps: Pet Health Information At All Times

Lifelearn Inc. opened its educational website for pet owners, MyPetED, just two months ago, and already the company has developed an iPhone and iPad mobile application that almost totally duplicates its website.  How wonderful to be able to carry your pet's entire medical history in a portable device and have at your fingertips the many resources that MyPetED offers.  Here's a look...


MyPetED iPhone & iPad apps: © LifeLearn IncMyPetED iPhone & iPad apps: © LifeLearn Inc


The large menu in the introduction to the MyPetED app, provides links to four main research areas, including access to hundreds of articles written by veterinarians about what to do in certain emergencies, the ability to locate a veterinarian in the vicinity, post a missing pet, and locate the owner of a missing pet. Say you want to adopt a pet and feel like browsing for one;  MyPetED lets you view thousands of adoptable pets from shelters across the country.

Personal information, including vaccinations, screenings, medications, dietary information, and previous health problems of each of your pets can be entered and kept for emergencies or access whenever a new vet enters your pet's life. 


MyPetED pet information screen: © LifeLearn IncMyPetED pet information screen: © LifeLearn Inc


Dr. Lynn Buzhardt of The Animal Center in Zachary, Louisiana, said, "There's nothing better than this app for busy, conscientious pet owners who want to keep up with their pet's care. I'd be delighted to have my clients enter our exam rooms with insights into their pet's condition, as well as a complete picture of their pet's medical history.  When I ask questions about a pet's medical history, owners often don't know the answers. The MyPetED app can eliminate these issues for veterinarians and equip them to better care for their patients."

Certainly the MyPetED app is worth the $1.99.  Available from the iTunes Store.

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