My(Separate) - Social Network For Lousy Spouses!

For those familiar with the TV Show "Survivor," one knows you have to "outwit, outplay and outlast." And while that same philosophy is jokingly applied to failing marriages,'s slogan of "endure, survive and prevail" plays it a little closer to the vest. Yes, there is a social network for those in the thralls of divorce, whether it be pre-, post or during.

Co-FoundersCo-FoundersThe site is the brainchild of two women from Alexandria, VA who seized an opportunity to create an online community for those that have been knocked upside down and sideways by a cheating or ill-suited mate.

As the story goes, they are "two women who have endured the shock, heartbreak, and devastation of divorce. Through both of our experiences and differing circumstances, we found that we both made mistakes and that we learned some things along the way. One thing that kept popping up in both of our experiences was the inaccuracies and discrepancies in available information about the divorce industry," they note on their Web site.

So from from private dicks to mediators to lawyers and every profession in between catering to broken hearts, this site will provide you with the A-to-Z's of what to do with 'marriages on-the-rocks' and safe havens for those seeking a way out.

According to a Washington Post report, the founders wanted to create a site that  "people could use at 3 a.m. when they realize their wife isn't coming home that night, or when they hear the baby crying -- a positive place that was free and always available, where people could rant, get advice, make coping plans and maybe laugh a little."

If you think that only losers should join this lonely hearts club band, the founders feel you will find solace in remembering some of the most famous Lousy Spouse Celebrity Survivors of all time. Not partial to males or females, they feel that this group of famous folk got a bad shake by those they were unfortunately attached to.

LousySpouse survivorsLousySpouse survivors
But my all-time favorite pick for the absolute worst spouses ever, would have to go to these two, since its a toss-up as to which one is really the lousiest spouse

Jon & Kate (minus the 8)Jon & Kate (minus the 8)
So for all you unfortunate souls out there,  if you have a Lousy Spouse hanging round the house, you have options. You can either join the social network or you can learn  to harmonize with these three crazy broads...