MySpace To Venture Into The World Of Shared Logins

Website accounts can be a pain. Sometimes it’s incredibly annoying and hard to remember different email addresses, usernames and a variety of passwords. So to deal to with this common problem, MySpace is looking to join others in coming up with a solution.

Source: HowStuffWorks

The popular social network has decided hold hands with other Internet services and will join a coalition that allows people to use the same login information. The OpenID group will include web organizations like AOL, Google’s Blogger, Yahoo and other blogging services such as LiveJournal and WordPress.

The main idea around the OpenID concept is users can use one particular login while on any of the supporting websites. With popular groups like Yahoo and LiveJournal, the coalition should definitely be a hit because most of the sites share a lot of users already.

For those wondering where Facebook is in the “login revolution”, the answer is simple: the second most popular social network doesn’t like sharing. Facebook has always favoured developing its own systems and will most likely not join the OpenID group.

It will be interesting to see where OpenID takes users in the future. It’s bound to be a success, but if websites start to abandon ship, then the whole idea will sink. But at least MySpace users and the like will be able to enjoy some time using one simple login instead of numerous variations.