Mystic Seer Says You Should Probably Buy It Online

In another round of Twilight Zone-inspired merchandise comes the "Mystic Seer" from the classic episode "Nick of Time." We're pretty sure it's telling you to go check it out.

Ah William Shatner - is there anything you can't do? 

As it turns out, not really, thanks to this 1959 episode of the Twilight Zone called "Nick of Time". It tells the tale of Don (Shatner) and Pat who have their car break down outside of Ridgeview, Ohio. Stopping in for a bite to eat at the diner while their car is fixed, they sit down at a table with a unique (and creepy) napkin dispenser. Along with napkins the machine, known as the "Mystic Seer", dispenses fortunes for just a penny. It is also decidedly creepy with devil horns and twisted fangs, but that doens't put Don off, who asks if he will get a promotion. The Seer tells him yes and he calls his office, only to discover that it is true.

Don becomes obsessed with asking the Seer questions and the machine tells them they shouldn't leave the diner until after 3pm. They do at Pat's insistence and are nearly run over. Don brings them back to the diner and asks if their car will be ready by the end of the day. The Seer says yes just as the mechanic comes walking up and Pat starts to freak out.

The episode ends with a dressing-down of Don by Pat, who realizes that he is letting the machine get to him. He tells it he's going to live his own life and he and Pat leave the diner, only to be replaced by another couple that have clearly been in Ridgeview for some time and are trapped there, dependant on the answers given by the Seer.

Now, you too can own your very own Mystic Seer with fortune dispenser for $250. Based off of the original, this replica from Entertainment Earth is true down to the last detail and even holds napkins. Creepy and a conversation piece, many fans of the show will be interested in this when it is released in July of 2011.

Currently, the company is taking pre-orders for the Seer, and if you're a fan, you'd better consider buying now before they all disappear. It is decided...

Source: Entertainment Earth