MyTrybe Targets Behavioral Like-Mindedness In New Social Network

Trybe \trahyb\ n. a network of like-minded people  

Can another social network find the critical mass to grab any one's attention in the already over-saturated social media terrain? Between your followers on Twitter, your friends on Facebook, your professional contacts on LinkedIn, isn't your social dance card already booked up? How does a new entry gain the gravitas it needs to grow a sizable fan base for yet another social network? One with a catchy name like 'MyTrybe' thinks there is enough room to throw its hat in the ring!

MyTrybe Web siteMyTrybe Web site

MyTrybe's new wrinkle is bringing 'like minded people' together to communicate, collaborate and share opinions in behavioral clusters. Think of Broadway dancers from Chorus line who also like to hike on weekends. Or as this video portrays, an 'Adam Lambert'  fan could also be a 'Monster Truck' junkie!

So as the video suggests, MyTrybe doesn't really create a ‘Adam-Lambert-Monster-Truck loving trybe’ per se, although those people that love both can find each other on this social network.

In an interview I conducted with MyTrybe's CEO Daniel Gluck, he believes there is "an untapped Daniel Gluck, CEODaniel Gluck, CEOopportunity to connect like-minded people in a Twitter/Facebook-like feed/communication network." While Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are all about connecting you to known others through a manual process of following and be-friending, "MyTrybe builds your network of like-minded people by 'behaviorally' targeting others like you in an automated way. Your Trybe is comprised of the top 200 most similar people to you in any given area," notes Gluck.

Gluck’s professional experience includes over fifteen years in product development, management, and operations at companies including Billboard Television, Franklin Computing Inc., GGR Holdings, and the Museum Project LLC. He currently mans a staff of 8 Trybe leaders in Manhattan to run and manage
Rollout in its current form was just launched in July. The site did an previous roll out as a Facebook app under the name ‘similar people’ back in February which was basically relocated to the current Web site. The site has attracted 40K subscribers to date (which is substantial for a Beta launch), and there is no immediate plans to monetize the site until they build enough scale.

MyTrybe’s interface highlights a simple, real-time newsfeed from a user’s Trybe. Users can post thoughts, ask questions, share ideas and links as they do with people they know on Facebook and Twitter – but with their most like-minded people. Users can also send private messages, follow, poke, and interact in other ways found on other social networks..

A user’s Trybe is built through the processing of ratings, quizzes, and other user behavior formulas based on patent-pending algorithm. MyTrybe’s engine continually searches for and refines a user’s Trybe in real-time, keeping them connected to the activity of their top 200 most similar people in areas like style, art, humor, and more. Users can check and see a visual compatibility breakdown between themselves and any other user by visiting their profile page.

Though Twitter and other sites allow you to draw in virtual strangers as a part of your follower group, MyTrybe has shifted the focus for members to seek out one's circle of associates that are most similar in nature to one's self. Instead of having to routinely search out particular names and “test the waters,” on Twitter, MyTrybe allows users control over who it is they may want to connect with.  This insures that one’s Trybe becomes a more cohesive group, and thus more conversant and sociable than might ordinarily be the case. Sort of like what you do... in real life!

According to Gluck, the "short term goal is to get onto people’s radar and gain a critical mass. We updated the site recently and are just now seeing a convergence of return users vs. new users which we see as a very good sign."

On a longer term perspective, Gluck would like to reach "300K registered and active users," within 1-2 years. "At that point," Gluck indicated they could " start testing their monetization plans as well." Long-term, Gluck thinks MyTrybe could become the "defacto network where people go to find and connect with like-minded others, much as LinkedIn is for professional colleagues."

So while MyTrybe is not tapping into a large marketing budget to kick off its launch, I think its uniqueness might provide it with a decent shot at creating a viral buzz and attracting prospective members. But even though social networks have only been around for the last 6 years, for another entry to gain traction, its going to take a lot of people with similar interests to open the portal to the echo chamber and be heard above the maddening crowds.  Perhaps, MyTrybe's reliance on behavioral patterns and like-mindedness might be one to squeeze that door open!

Jul 28, 2009
by Anonymous

Cool concept

Well there certainly is a lot of noise on the other networks. If this could work, could be cool.

Jul 29, 2009
by theshotblocker

this is an awesome idea-

this is an awesome idea- its like a seems like its a new version of eharmony but for friends, very cool.