N2A Stinger Corvette Brings Back 1960s Styling with Modern Comfort

Even though the new C6 Corvettes are easily the most well engineered in the history of the Corvette name, many people still prefer the earlier generations for their unmistakable styling. Sadly, these older Corvettes are becoming more elusive as collectors and age claim them one by one. The good news is, N2A Designs is now offering up a custom fabricated retro Corvette that uses the best of both new and old.

The N2A Stinger is based on the current C6 platform and uses the same engine, transmission and chassis. From there, the body panels have been removed and unceremoniously tossed aside to make room for the carbon fiber new exterior. The new panels feature a combination of styling from the 1963 to 1967 Corvettes and the latest iteration of the Chevy legend.

The work can be done to any 2010 Corvette C6 and the owner will also be able to have the leather wrapped interior finished to their exact specifications. Sweetening the deal even more is the fact that the new made-to-order Corvette can also be placed on top of the tire melting ZR-1 package, which has already claimed the first 3 serial numbers of the N2A Stinger run.

Now, what happens when you are driving your new Stinger Corvette and something under the hood decides to let out? According to N2A, since the safety equipment and original chassis are not altered in any way, GM's 100,000 mile powertrain warranty is not void. The Stinger can be serviced at any GM dealership and be back on the road faster than the ZR-1 can hit 60mph.

No official prices have been released.


Piston Heads

May 11, 2009
by Anonymous

Id drive one Big Time

Love to Rent & Own this,

with these Options:

E Gear
Bose Sound System
Biofuel engine & can burn Reg Gasoline.

Im In & then add
Ergonomic Cockpit.

Be cool drivin in HI alone.

Convertable model.

Need Blonde to ride shotgun.