Be King of the Jungle with Nagi Noda Animal Hats

The Nagi Noda CollectionThe Nagi Noda Collection

Whoever says hats are passé or boring needs to take one look at the ones designed by Nagi Noda.
















Nagi Noda is a Japenese pop artist and art director, best known for her short films, the half-panda-half-something-else "Hanpanda" life-sized figures, the video for Japanese singer Yuki's song "Sentimental Journey", and directing a commercial for Coca Cola.














Ms Noda recently teamed up with colleagues Asami Nemoto and Shinji Konishi to create 15 really unique and innovative headpieces inspired by beasts such as rabbits, poodles, owls and elephants.

I came across these hats/hair pieces at photographer Kenneth Capello's blog. He had done a shoot of these awesome creations by Nagi.

Reports indicate that the hats will be available commercially at Colette in Paris around September.

I am waiting to see when these hit US shores.

Via: Kenneth Capello

Jun 12, 2008
by Anonymous


I like them but I doubt I would wear them.