NAIRIT Announces Top Ten Russian Engineering and Scientific Innovations

The mission of NAIRIT is to unite all creators of innovations throughout Russia with the help of the state. More than 300 companies and creative groups from all over Russia have expressed their desire to enter the NAIRIT Association. Membership insures the consolidation of the innovative potential of Russia, the organization and distribution of venture funds to chosen companies and creative groups.



The results of the contest are as follows:

First place went to the new technology known as “magnetic random access memory,” which combines the best properties of all existing memory devices, including but not limited to fast response, non-volatility and flash memory size. Engineers have simplified memory cell design and made the cell very small while scientists reduced production costs by desensitizing the main parameters.

Second place was awarded to the scientists who created “effective decontamination by means of oil-degrading bacteria.” The suggested method does not concern synthetic toxic agents, which are now widely used but rather natural substances. The third award was granted to the creators of a new method for “personal genetic identification.” This innovative technology improves the accuracy of recognition and reduces both the cost and duration of the procedure, which will make it widely available to the public for the first time.

A “device for reality simulation in computer games” netted fourth place. The device improves human memory and causes total relaxation for the user. It affects brains with very weak electro-magnetic radiation and causes integration into the synthetic reality of a computer game. An “aluminum electrolysis development” which controls aluminum electrolysis via heat power took the fifth place award. This Russian technology enhances productivity of the electrolysis unit and reduces power consumption.

NAIRIT awarded sixth place to a technology, which has no analogues in the medical world: “a device for diagnostics and therapy of space-occupying lesions.” This incredible innovation allows for the accurate and early detection of tumors in internal organs and soft tissues. It is a tool that can be used in medical centers everywhere and is quite simple.

A “windmill with a vertical axis rotor ” slipped very easily into seventh place. It is different from others in that its blades have a vertical position, thus cleverly utilizing the energy created by both vertical and horizontal airflows. It retrieves energy from unexpected sources such as boiler vapors and the vent lines of skyscrapers. Wind power may well replace existing energy generators because they present no threat to the environment.

Considering the environment as well is the winner of the eighth place award, which went to the “production of complex organo-mineral fertilizers from coal mining wastes. ” The suggestion to produce agricultural fertilizers from coal-mining industry wastes is a brilliant way to eliminate thousands of toms of hazardous waste materials. Ninth place went to an innovation, which solves the problem of maintaining proper hygiene in public places where permanent sterility of hands and instruments is required (surgeons, etc). The “automatic programmable liquids mixer with contactless control” makes the process as simple as it could possibly be. All you have to do is place the object that needs sterilization near the tap and a mixture of water and disinfecting solution will start flowing.

Last but certainly not least, in tenth place stands the “well electro-hydraulic diaphragm-pumping unit.” This new oil pump is two times more efficient than any other of its ilk and due to its special nano-diamond coating, which covers the parts subjected to the most wear and tear, is more reliable and durable. Significantly reducing oil extraction costs, this pump is a boon to those concerned with going green and the reduction of energy consumption.


The results of this contest affect more than just the winners. They reflect the accomplishments of the scientific mind when propelled to expand beyond known frontiers. Although the likes of magician, Harry Houdini, may seem an unlikely parallel, it may be more apt if you consider that he rejected and defied natural laws, proving that the only limits that exist are those that live in our minds. While being locked inside a trunk and submerged for a time in water may not be considered a scientific feat, it does illustrate the point of pushing beyond the known and the accepted.

Making lives easier everywhere around the globe is a noble goal, which must be honored and respected.

Here’s to you, National Association of Innovations and Development of Information Technologies!