Naked Password Plug-in: The Harder Your Password, The More Naked She Gets

Looking for a tool that can add a little bit more spice to your website and help your users choose harder-to-guess passwords at the same time?

Then you need to get the Naked Password plugin for the forms on your site and let your users meet Sally, who will be more than happy to take her clothes off–not for some booze or money but in exchange for a tough password, of course.

The world wide web could turn out to be a very dangerous place for you if you don\'t arm your accounts with a secure password (or at least something tough enough that can deter hackers from trying to guess what it is.) I assume that you\'ve probably already read through articles listing down tips and advice on how to come up with a strong password (ie. use both upper and lowercase letters, include numbers, don\'t use something that has a personal significance to you) so the Naked Password plugin is a fun way to test the strength of the ones that you\'ve come up with already.

So how does the Naked Password work for your site, exactly? Well, you can simply download the code and images from the Naked Password site, upload it to your host or server, add the code to your site\'s form, and you\'re all set.

Let\'s give the plugin a test run, just for the fun of it. Let\'s try out the password "aloha":

As you can see, Sally is still fully clothed. Let\'s make it a bit longer so our password becomes "alohaha":

Off comes her shirt! Now let\'s add a number so our password now is "alohaha2":

And there you have Sally in her underwear. Of course the goal is to come up with the toughest possible password and get Sally to take everything off, but let\'s just stop there for censorship\'s sake.

You can head right over to the Naked Password site if you want to see the plugin in action for yourself.