Name That Lawn Mower Blade For $500!


Samurai sword: Image via PBS.orgSamurai sword: Image via Edison Nation is holding its fifth Name Search Challenge... this time for a new lawn mower blade.  The blade's inventor apparently refers to it as a "Samurai" because, like a Samurai sword, the curved blade slices the grass instead of chopping it.  Ouch! 

Now, don't worry about having to use a sword-like tool to cut your grass.  The curved blade is compatible with most rotary lawn mowers, and that's where it's going once it's sold, which will be somewhere around $19.95 to $29.95. The new lawn mower blade will leave a much cleaner look to grass and is actually healthier for lawns than regular cutting blades.

What's in a name?  Everything.  So come up with just the right one, and you'll make an easy $500.  Entry fees are $5.00 per idea, and you can submit more than one.  Deadline for entries is May 31, 2010.  See Edison Nation for complete details and check out this blog for help on branding inventions!